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Sep 5, 2010 11:15pm EDT
was the skin's fourth round pick of the other draft picks. eric cook was released. dennis moore was traded to the st. louis rams. cares was released yesterday and signed to the practice squad today. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. the worst thing people do is keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick. what you do is, you know, keep the people that give you the best chance to win. and, you know, you get 50% of your draft choices to make your football team, you have a heck of a draft. >>> maryland has a big game tomorrow when they face in- state rival navy. this is the 21st all-time meeting between the two teams. the first since 2005. the mid-shipmen hold a 14-6 lead in this matchup. while the mids try to build upon a ten win season last year for the terps all about erasing the bad taste of the season. he likes the idea of competing for maryland's bragging rights. >> i really think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state, but also just, you know, whether we play in basketball and football, to me it would be, you know, a great
Sep 19, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. moore hands off to antonio brown. sprinting down the sideline he goes and wins the foot race. 97 yards. that was just a few seconds into the game. dennis dixon left the game with an ankle injury. it turns out he was really not all that much needed. vince young for the titans, he left to for curches decision for plays like this. tennessee's offense was miserable. the pittsburgh defense makes up for any shortcomings. but the orioles offered what seemed impossible to baltimore fans, getting a win over the keys. and the bottom ninth inning, luke scott, the first home run in a month. that is the second hit he has ever had of of where mayor appeared bases were loaded for lance burke. he gets to the double play by a whisker. that was used as we get to the bottom of the 11th. luke scott, doubles after getting the home run. and then wigginton. please stay with us. >> these are the nice days. >> falwell refresh -- will officially begin on wednesday. we may be greeted with a sprinkle on monday and tuesday. we will have cool and comfortable mornings. then we may have a chance for a thunderstorm. t
Sep 8, 2010 12:00am EDT
. i think lorri knows them all. >> right. i haven't met the parents of michael moore, but i've met stevie branch's mother and chris byers' father, yes. >> larry: we have limited time here, dennis. without going into wide and varied tangents, your key oral argument is? >> that the state of arkansas passed dna statute precisely to permit a way for people that had been wrongly convicted to overturn their convictions, even after appeal, that the dna evidence in this case, none of it links any of these defendants to the crime. there is dna evidence that points in another direction. that their each supposed building block of the state's case, each part of it has been eroded by new evidence. the notion that a knife was used in this case has been completely refuted. every component of the state's case has been eroded by the new evidence. we meet the legal standard which is if these defendants were tried today, no reasonable jury would return a conviction. >> have you called in, dennis, any of the people with the innocence project to aid you? >> oh, sure. the original testing, dna testing,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)